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By: Jeannette Clift George
Produced by: Lillenas Drama
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About This Product For permission to perform Bookmark you are required to purchase the Production Pack. In addition to including 7 scripts at a reduced rate for the director and major characters, you receive permission to make photocopies of the script for minor characters and your technical crew and a Performance Licensing Agreement. The Performance Licensing Agreement is used to pay the Royalty fee(s) and is due two weeks prior to performance(s). The Production Pack price does not include the Royalty payment.
To many church and Sunday School attenders Biblical characters are lost in a sea of history. Not so with those found in Jeannette Clift George's lyrical play, BOOKMARK. Jeannette gives us a two-act script about the second Gospel's author and what his interview with Peter and other observers reveal about the Christ who is the unseen heart of this play. Set Requirements: An architectural-unit set that provides multiple playing locations. Cast: 3 male, 2 female (playing 21 characters) Performance Time: 90 minutes. Suggested Use: A wonderful choice for a full-length drama relating to the Gospel message and including the Easter story. Appropriate for all audiences. Performance Royalty: $30.00  
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