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The Ultimate Seasonal Collection

Scripts for Christmas and Easter

Produced by: Lillenas Drama
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About This Product Penned by such talented writers as Larry and Annie Enscoe, Jeff Smith, Martha Bolton, and many more, the over 25 sketches on this CD-Rom have all the variety and quality you expect. And now, you can load everything into your computer and forget about keeping track of which drama team member borrowed your favorite seasonal scripts. Print copies when you need them (or when everyone has forgotten to bring their copies to rehearsal.)

Celebrate this Christmas and Easter using the power of drama found in The Ultimate Seasonal Collection - a Lillenas Drama Resources exclusive! Performance Time: Sketch lengths vary; most are 5 to 8 minutes, one is 15 minutes Suggested Use: Comedic and dramatic sketches for Christmas and Easter Performance Royalty: Nonroyalty  
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Preview: Introduction
Preview: Bad Chicks
Preview: Extreme Easter Makeover
Preview: Martha Stewart's Eternal Living
Preview: Twas the Night Before Easter
Preview: A Second Death
Preview: Judas
Preview: No Regrets: A Monologue for Peter
Preview: Table for 13
Preview: Up from the Grave He Arose
Preview: Power Walking
Preview: A Man Out of Time: A Personal Confession
Preview: Mary at the Cross
Preview: Over the Palms
Preview: Why Would He Speak to Me?
Preview: Spin Doctors
Preview: He Is Our Peace
Preview: A Different Christmas
Preview: Victory Report
Preview: The Twelve Months of Christmas
Preview: Bethlehem, Pa
Preview: The Birthday Party
Preview: The Christmas Scramble
Preview: In Thy Dark Streets
Preview: Joy to the World
Preview: Through Mary's Eyes
Preview: The Annual Gift Exchange
Preview: This Joy
Preview: Putting It Together
Preview: The Great Parking Space Race
Preview: Stable Duty
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