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The Love Liner

An Interactive Dinner Theatre for Outreach

Music by: Jeff Smith, Ralph Neumann; Script & Lyrics by: Jeff Smith
Produced by: Lillenas Drama
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Drama Book
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About This Product Ralph Carter is the accomplished Program Director of The Love Liner, a cruise ship on her way to the Caribbean in the summer of 1976. Problem is that Ralph has been a little more than distracted from his job after a difficult separation from his wife of 25 years. His boss, Captain Tina Danzert, has put him on a period of probation where his work is being highly scrutinized. With two strikes against him already, Ralph makes a bad decision that threatens the premiere of the ship's new show, "Countdown to America's Bicentennial," and his job. All seems hopelessly lost until Ralph's friends put their own jobs on the line to come to his rescue to save the day. In this offbeat musical rendition of the Good Samaritan story, we see, in part, what has made this nation great: innovation; resourcefulness, hard work towards a common goal, love, loyalty, and teamwork. This 70s musical dinner theatre is great for Valentine's banquets, Patriotic celebrations, or any time a fun community-building event is needed. Set Requirements: Simple interior set Cast: Speaking cast (all should sing): 5 male, 7 female, plus 5 or more non-speaking costumed wait staff Performance Time: Approximately 2 hours, including the meal Suggested Use: This interactive dinner theatre is a great way to reach out to your community and bring them into your church for a fun evening of entertainment. Useful for Valentine's banquets, patriotic celebrations, or any time a fun community-building event is needed. Performance Royalty: First Performance: $35.00 /Additional Performances: $25.00  
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Production Photo: Anchor Head Pirates
Production Photo: Backstage view of set
Production Photo: Captain Danzert
Production Photo: Finale, (A)
Production Photo: Finale, (B)
Production Photo: Life Preserver
Production Photo: The Love Liner Crew
Production Photo: The Nuns of St. Michael
Production Photo: Set with Portals
Production Photo: Table Decorations
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