Modern monologues
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13 easy-to-stage scripts for worship
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First Person Singular

Monologues in a Poetic Mode

By: Judith I. Keefe
Produced by: Lillenas Drama
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About This Product This thought-provoking collection of monologues deals with the phases of everyday life. They are excellent for sermon enhancers or as discussion starters for Sunday Schools and Bible studies. All of the scripts get at the heart of things to help people find spiritual truth, and some center on specialized topics, suitable for theme focused sermons or retreats. Performance Time: 2 to 5 minutes in length. Topics: AIDS, Abuse (Child, Spouse, & Other), Acceptance, Child or Children, Choice or Choices, Coping, Family Living, Forgiveness, Healing, Mothers, Mother, Parent or Parenting, Satan Suggested Use: Excellent for sermon enhancers or as discussion starters for Sunday Schools and Bible studies. Performance Royalty: Nonroyalty  
Downloadable Products
Precious Prodigal Downloadable Script 11098  $10.00  
Starting Over Again Downloadable Script 11099  $10.00  
Character Building Downloadable Script 11100  $10.00  
Unsuspecting Pioneers Downloadable Script 11101  $10.00  
True Poverty Downloadable Script 11102  $10.00  
They Know It All? Downloadable Script 11103  $10.00  
Sisterhood of Motherhood Downloadable Script 11104  $10.00  
Shake the Dust Downloadable Script 11105  $10.00  
Relationships Downloadable Script 11106  $10.00  
Off Duty Downloadable Script 11107  $10.00  
Mothers in Israel Downloadable Script 11108  $10.00  
Obedience Downloadable Script 11109  $10.00  
Of Middles, Ends and Beginnings Downloadable Script 11110  $10.00  
Melt the Ice Woman Downloadable Script 11111  $10.00  
Macho Cool Big Stud Downloadable Script 11112  $10.00  
Homefront Casualty Downloadable Script 11113  $10.00  
Heart-Building Downloadable Script 11114  $10.00  
Hear the Child, Now! Downloadable Script 11115  $10.00  
Growth Downloadable Script 11116  $10.00  
Freedom Downloadable Script 11117  $10.00  
Foundations Downloadable Script 11118  $10.00  
Surviving Disaster Downloadable Script 11119  $10.00  
Chosing the Truth Downloadable Script 11120  $10.00  
Choices Downloadable Script 11121  $10.00  
Answers Downloadable Script 11122  $10.00  
Balance Downloadable Script 11123  $10.00  
About Our Father's Business Downloadable Script 11124  $10.00  
AIDS at Eight Downloadable Script 11125  $10.00  
Abandoned Children Downloadable Script 11126  $10.00  
Preview: Precious Prodigal
Preview: Starting Over Again
Preview: Character Building
Preview: Unsuspecting Pioneers
Preview: True Poverty
Preview: They Know It All?
Preview: The Sisterhood of Motherhood
Preview: Shake the Dust
Preview: Relationships
Preview: Off Duty
Preview: Mothers in Israel
Preview: Obedience
Preview: Of Middles, Ends, and Beginnings
Preview: Melt the Ice Woman
Preview: Macho Cool Big Stud
Preview: Homefront Casualty
Preview: Heart-Building
Preview: Hear the Child, Now!
Preview: Growth
Preview: Freedom
Preview: Foundations
Preview: Surviving Disaster
Preview: Choosing the Truth
Preview: Choices
Previews: Answers
Preview: Balance
Preview: About Our Father's Business
Preview: AIDS at Eight
Preview: Abandoned Children
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