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What to Do with the Second Shepherd on the Left

Staging the Seasonal Musical

By: Deborah Craig-Claar
Produced by: Lillenas Drama
Theme: Production Helps
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About This Product As an outgrowth of her popular seminars at the Lillenas Drama Conferences, Deborah Craig-Claar has given production-minded music and drama directors a how-to book that is professional in its experience and writing, yet filled with concepts and workable ideas that are well within the reach of the small- to middle-size church with financial resource limitations.

While its focus is primarily on the biblical events of Easter and Christmas, the practical information is applicable to almost any dramatic event on the church calendar. A partial listing of topics covered include: getting to know the Christian musical, organizing for rehearsal and production (including auditions and casting), the use of physical space and scenery, lighting, costumes and props, special effects, production continuity, putting it all together. Suggested Use: Music and drama directors of small to large churches will find Deborah's practical information useful year after year.  
Sample, Assuming the Role of Stage Manager (p.17)
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