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The Jesus Creed for Students (DVD)

12 Lessons on Loving God and Others

Produced by: Barefoot Ministries
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About This Product The gravity point of a life before God is that his followers are to love God and love others with everything they have. Scot McKnight calls this The Jesus Creed. In this video presentation, Scot presents the twelve key aspects of becoming a Jesus follower.

1. The Jesus Creed
2. Happiness is a GPS
3. The More Jesus Expects
4. Spiritual Branding
5. The Lord's Prayer
6. Forgiveness
7. Learning to Be Wise
8. Focused Following
9. Who Is Jesus?
10. Distraction vs. Devotion
11. Representing Jesus
12. Be a Boundary Breaker
 Topics: College Students, Narrative Theology, Youth Minister, Youth Pastor