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The Finger Food Cafe: A Christmas Gift

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The Finger Food Cafe: A Christmas Gift
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About This Product Your favorite cafe staff is back in this delightful second movie in "The Finger Food Cafe Show" series.

It's Christmastime at the Finger Food Cafe. Carlo, Mark, Pops and the whole gang are busy decorating the cafe and rehearsing for the upcoming Christmas program. One of the deaf girls at the rehearsal, 11-year-old Meghan, is upset. She confides to her friends that she is frustrated with her hearing father (Jim), whom she feels is inconsiderate of her needs. And what's worse is that he doesn't know sign language. Jim begins to understand his daughter's frustrations when he speaks with Mark and sees Carlo and the kids signing with one another. A few weeks later, during a performance of the Christmas program, Jim gives his daughter a Christmas present she'll treasure forever.

This outstanding program features several excellent songs that are based on American Sign Language lyrics. The story of the birth of Jesus is also portrayed in a unique shadow drama, reminding viewers of the greatest Christmas gift.

This program is presented in American Sign Language, voice and some open English captions. It is also closed captioned in English and Spanish. (60 minutes) Topics: Deaf Ministry Resources, Missional Resources