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Worship, Wonder, and Way

Reimagining Evangelism as Missional Practice

By: Grant Zweigle
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About This Product Evangelism doesn't have to be the scary, confrontational word it seems to have become. Grant Zweigle's vision for evangelism sounds a lot like many people's vision for basic Christian friendship: regular prayer, care, concern, and time spent getting to know people. Evangelism is about initiating others into Christian discipleship while showing Christ's love through our witnesses of Worship, Wonder, and Way-in other words, through the way we live our ordinary Christian lives. 128 pages.  
"This book will revolutionize the way we understand evangelism and offer a much-needed perspective on the call to make disciples in the 21st century."
-Fili Chambo
Regional Director for the Church of the Nazarene in Afria

"I highly recommend this book to all who are interested in being and proclaiming the gospel in a mostmodern world."
-Ron Benefiel, PhD
Dean, Point Loma Nazarene University

"This book will challenge you to a new adventure of missional living and discipleship journey!"
-David A Busic, DD
Nazarene general superintendent, author

"Zweigle provides excellent handles on the ways in which each of us can thoughtfully be engaged in sharing Christ with those we encounter. This is an important read for everyone growing as faithful disciples."
-Carla Sunberg, PhD
NTS president, professor, author
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