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Theology Of Luck

Fate, Chaos, and Faith

By: Rob A. Fringer, Jeff K. Lane
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About This Product Are all things under God's control or only some things? Do we have a part to play or does God direct everything to its preplanned end? What about events that don t seem to be under anyone s control? Where is God then? For that matter, where are we?

These questions and others like them are handled with precision in A Theology of Luck. After considering what kind of God we believe in, the authors paint a relational portrait of a God of love. It is with this idea of God that we find insight into the inexplicable occurrences of life and arrive at a vision of faith and practice that encompasses both God and ourselves.

A Theology of Luck is not just about grappling with what we cannot understand about the world. It is about embracing our role as participants in God's loving and ongoing plan for the world. Endowed with grace and the gift of free will, we join God in revealing God's love and vision to the world.

 192 pages.  
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