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What's a Dad to Say?

By: Mike & Colleen Gray
Produced by: Lillenas Drama
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About This Product This sketch is a monologue by a father, speaking to his 20-year-old daughter. The only actor onstage is the father. All other characters are imaginary. He is trying to talk to his daughter before the "day all fathers dread." The father is quite nervous. He has never been good with words or speaking with his "little girl" and is having a difficult time at this moment. He remembers various stages in her life, sharing humorous but tender memories. The father is trying to keep his composure, but this becomes more and more difficult as the scene progresses. The audience at first will believe the father is speaking to his daughter before her wedding, but as the scene turns the final corner, they realize he is speaking to his daughter before her funeral. He tries to apologize for his silence, his inability to address the important issues in life. The scene ends with a broken father weeping because of his silence. Cast: 1 male Performance Time: 4 minutes Topics: Children's Day, Father's Day, Fatherhood, Grief Performance Royalty: Nonroyalty  
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