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Lectio Divina Bible Studies

Lectio Divina, Hebrews

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About This Product Lectio divina, or divine reading, is the ancient Christian practice of communicating with God through the reading and study of Scripture. The Lectio Divina Bible Studies build on this time-honored tradition, inviting readers to listen to God as they read His word. The approach is built around eight steps, lectio, meditation, oratio, contemplation, silencio, incarnation, epitome, and praeparatio - all designed to help the reader slow down, read Scripture, meditate upon it, and prayerfully respond to God's Word.

Each Lectio Divina Study is designed around these elements:
Summary - a brief overview of the session
Silence - a time of quieting oneself before reading the Word
Preparation - focusing the mind on the central theme of the text
Reading - carefully reading a passage of Scripture
Meditation - exploring the meaning of the Bible passage
Contemplation - yielding oneself to God's will
Prayer - expressing praise, thanksgiving, confession, or agreement to God
Incarnation - resolving to act on the message of Scripture 80 pages.  
Sample Chapter: Lectio Divina, John
Additional Information Lectio Divina, John - contents