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Topical Scripts for Youth and Adults

By: John Cosper
Produced by: Lillenas Drama
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Drama Book
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About This Product A full-flavored approach to drama, this collection brings a great selection of topics to the stage for youth and adults. A seasoned Middle America minister, John Cosper offers a fresh and less typical style of writing incorporating comedy and insight. Several scripts included give your church the opportunity to address some of the "taboo" issues that are important to your people.

It's time to dine on something substantial. Full Menu AvailableCast: Scripts call for small casts - all six persons or less. Performance Time: Most scripts run 5 minutes in length. Topics: Consumerism, Dating, Forgiveness, God's Mercy, God's Plan, Heaven, Hell, Jealousy, Relativism, Sex Suggested Use: Worship services, contemporary worship, youth retreats and events Performance Royalty: Nonroyalty  
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