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Relational Holiness

Responding to the Call of Love

By: Michael Lodahl, Thomas Jay Oord
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About This Product Relational Holiness offers insight and evidence for understanding the theology of holiness by focusing on love - the core of God's nature and character - and describes how God invites us to share in a life of divine love. Thomas Oord and Michael Lodahl present this new paradigm for sanctification in a relevant and understandable style that is engaging and insightful, especially for the post-modern generation.

"...Communicating holiness in relational categories and making holiness understandable today are the two passions that inspire these imaginative theologians. With insightful originality they propose that love is the core notion of holiness. Every believer's life can be enriched with this candid contemporary dialog about the holy life."
-Dr. Jerry Porter
General Superintendent
for the Church of the Nazarene

"This study calls us to center our understanding and practice of Christian holiness where [John] Wesley did - in the love of God and neighbor. It also highlights Wesley's wisdom about the vital role of the spiritual practices in nurturing and shaping this love. It is a welcome contribution to recent efforts to appreciate and revitalize the tradition in which we stand."
-Randy L. Maddox
Professor at Seattle Pacific University
 144 pages.  
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