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Praying the Bible: The Book of Prayers

Praying Gods Word Out Loud for Spiritual Renewal

By: Stacey & Wesley Campbell
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About This Product Everyone learns to walk before they run; and every believer learns to vocalize prayer before moving into sustained deep silences of communion with God. By Jesus' own example, we know that He prayed the Scriptures aloud. Praying the Bible takes an old concept—the prayer book—and gives it a modern twist: complete passages of Scripture laid out in sections of distinct prayer genres. Eight categories with 88 prayers enable readers to quickly reference the prayers of the prophets, the wisdom prayers, the prayers of Jesus, the apostolic prayers and more. The introductions to each section expand on each specific type of prayer and also include detailed instruction of how to pray that specific section.

Result? This is a prayer tool for both the novice prayer and the seasoned intercessor—one that provides discipline and focus and lights a pathway to direct contact with the heart of God! Scriptural references are from NIV.