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LifeStream Resources is a line of products designed for church leaders to guide their congregations in worship, stewardship, discipleship, and leadership.
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The Church Treasurer's Manual
A Practical Guide for Managing Church Finances
By: Bruce Nuffer
Most of the time, members who accept the position of church treasurer have little or no background in accounting, especially in smaller churches; and even . . .See More On This Item
Book Kit 9780834123830
Price: $49.99   
Instant Youth Office (LS)
A Resource of Forms and Letters for Youth Group Activities
By: Stan Toler, Blair Spindle
Instant Youth Office is the perfect resource for organizing and maintaining the high demands and responsibilities that come with leading a youth department. See More On This Item
Notebook 9780834122055
Price: $89.99   
Instant Church Office
A Pastor's Resource of Forms and Letters
By: Stan Toler
The Instant Church Office is an indispensable resource for your church office's daily administration and activities. With over 100 forms and letters . . .See More On This Item
Notebook 9780834118331 Completely Reproducible!
Price: $89.99   
52 Weeks Of Worship, Volume 2
A Complete Year of Sermon Outlines and Service Orders
By: Stan Toler, Terry Toler
52 Weeks of Worship, Volume 2 gives pastors and worship leaders a second dose of 52 all new, complete weeks of sermon outlines, service orders, . . .See More On This Item
Notebook 9780834118324 Completely Reproducible!
Price: $99.99   
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