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Let theatre professionals take you through the steps of directing, makeup design, lighting, set design, and more in our DRAMA TOPIC SERIES. Take a look at our how-to books on theatre games, staging musicals, and playwriting.
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Easy Stage Lighting
By: Tim Freeman
Elementary how-to puts practical stage lighting well within the reach of any director and crew, whether your task is to light a stage or a church chancel platform. See More On This Item
9780834194342 Practical and user-friendly
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Price: $16.99
Incorporating Drama in Worship
By: Mike Gray
Mike Gray shares his learn-by-doing techniques, from the basics of getting started through the all-important issues of how to communicate with the pastor.
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Drama Ministry Basics Kit
Price: $34.99
Drama Ministry Basics Kit
Drama ministry has potential, but organization can be a challenge. This kit provides four resources that will improve your drama ministry.
Recommended starter pack...
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Sound Effects CD
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Sound Effects for Church Productions, Vol. 3
Over 85 General Sounds, Voiceovers, Musical Underscores & Musical Themes
Original Music by: Paul Merrell; Produced by: Kimberly Messer; Recorded & Produced by: Paul Merrell
Performance Time: Sound effects run from 1 second to 1 minutes 59 seconds and musical underscored range from 44 seconds to 2 minutes and 21 seconds.
This valuable compilation of SFX, music and voice-overs will give you an instant go-to library for your next production.
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Worship Resource
Price: $19.99
Acts of Worship
Dramatic Devotionals for Drama People
By: Jeff Wyatt, Paul M. Miller
Performance Time: 10 to 15 minutes in length.
An innovative collection of scripts, arranged scripture, theatre related homilies, and the like. Ideal for group devotional times.
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