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Drama Book
Price: $19.99
Scripts of Hope & Restoration
By: Gail Blanton, Bette Dale Moore, Coley Fisher, Kimberly Messer, Sean Gaffney, Dave Tippett, Rex Jameson
Cast: Small casts, size varies by script
Performance Time: Sketches run from 3 to 7 minutes
Powerful scripts of testimony; celebrations of His promise of healing and renewal - a ministry based collection.
Experience healing and renewal - a unique worship resource...
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Heroes on the Home Front
Kid's Mini-musicals for Mother's Day and Father's Day
By: Marty Parks
Cast: 1 narrator, 4-5 children, 2 women
Performance Time: Each is 13 minutes in length.
Two mini-musicals for children honoring their parents at Mother's Day and Father's Day
For Mother's Day and Father's Day
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Drama Book
Price: $10.99
Baggage Claim
A Modern-day Parable
By: Don Bosley
Cast: 5 male, 5 female, extras
Performance Time: 75 minutes
Easy-to-stage resource for outreach lays out the gospel of Jesus Christ in imagery that can be grasped by contemporary audiences.
To perform this piece, you are required to purchase a Production Pack.
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Downloadable Script
Price: $10.00
Image Is Nothing
Scripts That Make You Go Hmm...
By: onetimeblind
Cast: 1 male
Performance Time: 4 minutes
The devil speaks to the audience about image and how much importance they place on it.
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Production ResourcesMore Selections

Price: $16.99
Easy Stage Lighting
By: Tim Freeman
Elementary how-to puts practical stage lighting well within the reach of any director and crew, whether your task is to light a stage or a church chancel platform.
Practical and user-friendly
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Readers TheatreMore Selections

Downloadable Script
Price: $10.00
Holding On, Letting Go
By: John Cashion
Cast: 2 Readers
Performance Time: 2 minutes
Biblical characters teach us that we fully enjoy God's power and presence as we release everything to Him - a Reader's Theatre piece.
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Dinner TheatreMore Selections

Drama Book
Price: $10.99
Family Camp
An Interactive Dinner Theatre for Outreach
Contributor: Dave Avanzino, Craig Wilson
Cast: It is recommended that you have 2 types of casts in this production: Cast A and Cast B. Cast A are the main actors and is compiled of 6 men and 5 women. Cast B is the "kitchen crew" and features four different camp groups, compiled of high school or college age actors.
Performance Time: 2 to 2 1/2 hours
From the authors of the hit series Uncle Phil's Diner, comes Family Camp, a new interactive dinner theatre that brings on lots of laughs and colorful characters.
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Broadway-Style MusicalsMore Selections

Four Tickets to Christmas
A Dramatic Musical
Music by: Mark Hayes; Script by: Deborah Craig-Claar; Words by: Deborah Craig-Claar
Cast: 6 male, 4 female, 1 teen girl, 1 boy, extras & choir
Performance Time: 90 Minutes
Strong character development, colorful staging, and magnificent music characterize this significant work for Christmas.
A Landmark Dramatic Musical!
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Drama Book
Price: $19.99
Quick Start Drama for Kids
No Rehearsal Bible Skits for Classroom or Performance
By: Debbie Salter Goodwin
Performance Time: Varies depending on content chosen
Quick-start techniques use imagination starters, signs, props, hats and a variety of other ideas to engage children in a sketch or interactive story.
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YouthMore Selections

Price: $10.99
Mysteries with a Message No. 2
By: Tom & Celesta Letchworth
Performance Time: Both scripts run 45 minutes
The Mysteries with a Message scripts have been an excellent resource for occasions when fun and wholesome entertainment is called for.
To perform this piece you are required to purchase a Production Pack. Click Here For Details.
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Worship Drama Library SeriesMore Selections

Worship Resource
Price: $19.99
The Worship Drama Library, Volume 14
16 Sketches for Enhancing Worship
By: Doug Fagerstrom
Performance Time: 5 minutes in length.
Originally used by the author in Grand Rapids for his "Saturday Night" series, there are 16 five-minute-or-so sketches in this collection.
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