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Through a life of service, ministry transforms itself from everyday into eternal. Through leadership, spiritual growth and witness, the Nazarene Publishing House seeks to equip for ministry each member of the body of Chirst. And as we remain faithful to God's Word and mission, we will provide the community with the tools and resources to fulfill the call.
Featured Selections
A Youth Worker's Guide to Establishing Healthy Relationships
By: Matt Wilks
Through Cultivate, Matt Wilks explores the variety of relationships youth workers encounter and offers insight on how to nourish these relationships. . . .See More On This Item
Book 9780834150607
Price: $14.99   
Developing Healthy Character within Your Teenager
Our thoughts, feelings, and expressions of purity, honesty, work, love, and servanthood are shown in the things we say and do. That is why it is important . . .See More On This Item
Book 9780834150584
Price: $8.99   
Developing Healthy Communication with Your Teenager
The Parent Journey series study Developing Healthy Communication with Your Teenager is designed to assist parents in understanding how to . . .See More On This Item
Book 9780834150478
Price: $8.99   
Developing a Healthy Relationship with Your Teenager
Teenagers thrive on relationships. But building a healthy relationship between parents and their teenagers isn't always easy. The Parent Journey series . . .See More On This Item
Book 9780834150577
Price: $8.99   
Dodgeball Theology
A Youth Worker's Guide to Exploring Play and Imagination
By: Blair Spindle
Dodgeball Theology is about exploring what it looks like to include play and imagination within your youth ministry. In this practical guide, see . . .See More On This Item
Book 9780834151147
Price: $14.99   
A Youth Worker's Guide to Creating a Culture of Mentoring
By: Mike Harder
Mentoring is at the core of any strong ministry. If you want to make an impact on a school, a community, or a nation, it starts with investment in one . . .See More On This Item
Book 9780834151130
Price: $14.99   
A Youth Worker's Guide to Developing Student Leaders
By: Tim Milburn

In Equip: A Youth Worker's Guide to Developing Student Leaders, Tim Milburn challenges youth leaders to create environments where student leadership . . .See More On This Item

Book 9780834150621
Price: $14.99   
The Jesus Creed for Students (DVD)
12 Lessons on Loving God and Others
The gravity point of a life before God is that his followers are to love God and love others with everything they have. Scot McKnight calls this The . . .See More On This Item
Production DVD 9781612610757
Price: $39.99   
In Transit
A Youth Worker's Guide to Navigating a New Beginning
Today's youth ministry world is one of excitement, depth, life change, and God–sized movement. One trend continues to grow for youth workers: transition. . . .See More On This Item
Book 9780834150447
Price: $14.99   
Story, Signs, and Sacred Rhythms
A Narrative Approach to Youth Ministry
Story, Signs, and Sacred Rhythms presents a new model for youth ministry that's relevant to the missional church and changing culture. This book offers . . .See More On This Item
Book 9780310617891
Price: $14.99   
CatechismMore Selections

DVD and Book Combo Pack
Price: $49.99
Prime (Group Kit)
Nazarene Beliefs for Teens
Prime: Nazarene Beliefs for Teens is a simple, straightforward curriculum that will help you navigate eight basic questions of faith with your teenagers.
Includes 5 student books!
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Children's ChurchMore Selections

The Kids' Hymns Project
An exciting new worship experience for children Featuring 15 hymns and their stories
Arranged by: Steven V. Taylor; Created by: Pam Andrews
Contemporary settings teach the kids of your church a love for fifteen cherished hymns of our faith.
15 cherished hymns of the faith in contemporary settings...
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Children's Ministry ResourcesMore Selections

Price: $4.99
My Relationship with Jesus
This book invites kids to nurture their Christian faith through prayer, Bible study, Scripture memory, worship, and more. Can you imagine anything better than seeing your kids living in God's love each and every day?
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Church Membership ResourcesMore Selections

Welcome Packet, Church of the Nazarene
Price: $2.00
Welcome Packet, Church of the Nazarene
Give visitors or guests information about the Church of the Nazarene and your church with this newly designed welcome pack!
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Church of the Nazarene Promotional ResourcesMore Selections

Price: $2.50
Statement of Mission Bookmark
The Statement of Mission and Core Values for the Church of the Nazarene back-to-back on a colorful bookmark.
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Classroom ResourcesMore Selections

Price: $44.99
Nu-Vu Bible Story Backgrounds W/Metal Board
WordAction's Nu-Vu Bible Story Backgrounds is an exciting, affordable way to bring Bible stories to life! Includes magnetic metal board.
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Evangelism & OutreachMore Selections

Price: $3.00
The EvangePen is the ultimate carry-anywhere evangelism tool! Pull out the spring-loaded hidden sheet printed with EvangeCube images to Simply Share Jesus with anyone, anywhere. This incredible pen, starts with a 'wow', and ends with a Gospel presentation.
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LifeStreamMore Selections

Price: $89.99
Instant Youth Office (LS)
A Resource of Forms and Letters for Youth Group Activities
By: Stan Toler, Blair Spindle
Instant Youth Office is the perfect resource for organizing and maintaining the high demands and responsibilities that come with leading a youth department.
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Ministerial SuppliesMore Selections

Music Misc.
Price: $6.99
Black Music Anthem Binder with Elastic Bands
Holds up to five anthems. Capacity can be increased to eight by adding additional bands. Two clear plastic pockets. Black.
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Outreach, Visitor, & Welcome ResourcesMore Selections

Welcome Card
Price: $6.00
Church of the Nazarene Welcome Information Card
A meaningful welcome message to visitors. Attractively designed, the front is to be torn off for the visitors to keep. Contains brief information on the Church of the Nazarene. The back is filled out and placed in the offering plate.
Package of 100
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