Weekly Summary

March 14, 2003
Volume 0309
Senior Editor: David J. Felter

News This Week
Canada National Board Report
P&B Fund Spending
Lillenas Director Resigns
21st Annual Lillenas Music and Drama Conference Held
Centennial Celebration Web Site Launched
Bolivian Nazarenes Safe After Killings in Region
Flooding Damages NTS-Brazil
Child Development Program Launched in Asia-Pacific Region
Dhaka Ministry Center Dedicated
First W&W Teams to Nicaragua North District
Out of Africa
International Church of the Nazarene Web Links
Prayer Mobilization Line
Personal Note
Nazarene Collegiate News
NCN Sports

Report from the National Board of Canada annual meetings
New Brunswick—The National Board for the Church of the Nazarene in Canada met for its annual meeting at Memramcook, New Brunswick on February 6 – 8, 2003. The Canadian National Board coordinates and facilitates the national interests of the Canadian Church.

Bill Stewart, National Director for the Church in Canada, indicated that the Church is still growing at a consistent, but modest pace:

• The 784 new Nazarenes recorded this year was another record.
• Membership increased by 259 or 2% to 12,694.
• A.M. attendance increased by 291 or 2.42% to 12,280.
• Sunday School attendance increased by 289 or 4% to 7,361
• Money raised for all purposes increased by $394,963 or 2.6% to $15,562,144.
• Per Capita giving is $1,225.94.

Two major study reports were presented to the board. The first was from a commission assigned to determine the roll of the laity in the church of the 21st century. This commission, under the leadership of layman Bill MacPherson, distilled the many findings of the commission into five statements from which many action plans were developed:

1. We strongly affirm our lay call and desire to be involved in significant Christian ministry and call on the Church to renewed effort and planning to affirm, train, and mobilize willing laypeople for significant ministry.

2. We are confused and uncertain about the teaching of holiness and urge the Church to teach us and lead us into the experience of entire sanctification as a means to holy living.

3. We believe that lay people can experience a vibrant and effective spiritual life much easier in a local church that is healthy. We urge, therefore, the pursuit of healthy local churches.

4. Some of us desire to be better informed about the progress and missions of the church at large. Believing that informed laypeople will be more involved laypeople, we urge the church to create easier, more user friendly, and up-to-date methods of communication.

5. We heartily endorse the growing concern for compassionate evangelism. We sense that this is a return to the original stated focus of the Church of the Nazarene, to minister to the poor. We urge the Church to respond to the desire expressed by many of our youth to be personally involved in some form of compassionate evangelism.

The second major report presented to the Board was the Report of the Renewal and Restructure committee. This committee was given the assignment of studying ways in which the Canadian Church could better organize and structure itself in order to realize its national vision. The board endorsed the work of the committee and it will continue its work.

In his report to the Board, Stewart outlined a number of highlights from the church's ministry over the past year:

1. Explosion of Compassionate Ministries. Stewart said, "Through its compassionate ministry work and its World Evangelism giving we have contributed a value of about $9,777,316 to the work of the International Church of the Nazarene outside of Canada."

2. Ministry Assessment Centres. “Twenty-seven potential ministry candidates and 18 of their spouses were processed through our Ministry Assessment Centres this past year.”

3. Ministry Development Centres. “A total of 63 students are now enrolled in ministry training in our Ministry Development Centres.”

4. National Board Staff. “A total of 21 individuals are listed as National Board Staff. Most of these people are serving for $1 per-year.”

The Board re-affirmed its commitment to the Canadian National Vision:

We, the people in Canada called Nazarenes
Commit ourselves to…

--NCN News

How the P&B Fund dollar was spent in 2002
Kansas City—“Pensions and Benefits Fund income for the fiscal year ending September 30, 2002, totaled $11,511,749," stated Don Walter, director of Pensions and Benefits USA. He continued, "This strong financial support comes from U.S. districts and local congregations. From these funds, the Board of Pensions and Benefits USA provides benefit plans for active and retired Nazarene ministers.”

Walter reports the following allocations for 2002 receipts:

• Approximately 43-percent, or $5,000,138, of P&B Fund income was deposited in the "Basic" Pension Trust accounts from which over 4,600 ministers and their widowed spouses receive a monthly retirement benefit.

• Additionally, about 41-percent, or $4,724,457, of P&B Fund income was deposited into the Nazarene 403(b) Retirement Savings Plan accounts of eligible ministers who were serving actively last year.

• About 9-percent, or $1,050,995, was paid for the Pastors Life Insurance Plan and the Pensioners Death Benefit Plan, which provides a basic level of life insurance coverage to over 8,100 qualifying ministers and their spouses at no direct cost to them. The Pensions office continued to offer various benevolence programs such as Emergency Medical Assistance, Funeral Assistance, and Temporary Monthly Disability Assistance. About 2-percent of P&B Fund income, or $251,285, went to ministers and their families in time of need.

• The remaining 5-percent, or $484,874, of P&B Fund receipts went to such things as legal, actuarial, and consulting services; office operations, salaries, and benefits; conferences and meetings; and information resources such as seminars and tax helps provided to districts, churches, ministers, and local church treasurers.

Walter also states, "Total benefits paid on behalf of participants from all plans administered by the Board of Pensions and Benefits USA surpassed $32 million in 2002." In addition to the P&B Fund, money to cover these distributions came from such sources as insurance premiums paid by employers and individual participants, church and participant contributions to the Nazarene 403(b) and IRA plans, and investment income.

Mathias Resigns as Director of Lillenas Publishing Company
Kansas City—After eight years of service as Director of Lillenas Publishing Company, John Mathias submitted his resignation on Monday, March 10, 2003.

In his letter of resignation Mathias expressed the struggle in making the decision to leave Lillenas, but explained that he feels it is a result of following God’s direction in his life. Mathias commented on his time at Lillenas Publishing Company, “There is no doubt that God led me to Lillenas, and I am extremely grateful that He’s blessed my leadership these past eight years.”

Lillenas Publishing Company is part of Nazarene Publishing House. Lillenas includes the following catalogs and imprints: Pilot Point Music, Psalm Singer Music, Mosie Lister Songs, Allegis, Lillenas Worship Resources, and Lillenas Drama materials. Mathias served for four years prior to being appointed Director in 1995. He will continue to serve as Associate Pastor of Music and Worship at Overland Park Church of the Nazarene in Overland Park, Kansas.

Hardy Weathers, President of Nazarene Publishing House, will serve as interim Director of Lillenas Publishing Company. Commenting on Mathias’ resignation, Weathers stated, “John is a man of the highest integrity who proved over his years of service to be committed to his assignment demonstrating loyalty to the company as well as to the One he serves and loves.”

21st Annual Lillenas Music and Drama Conference
Olathe—The 21st Annual Lillenas Music and Drama Conference, held February 6-8 at College Church of the Nazarene in Olathe, Kansas, drew over 1000 registrants according to John Mathias, outgoing director of Lillenas Publishing Company.

Michael Card (pictured) delivered a powerful keynote address during the opening session, encouraging conferees to emulate the servant hood and humility of Christ as they minister to others. Thursday night featured Lillenas author Jeff Smith & Company in Stained-Glass Windows, giving conference attendees a chance to experience some of the drama material published by Lillenas. Friday night more than 2,500 conference attendees and people from the surrounding Kansas City area enjoyed Phillips, Craig & Dean in concert.

Throughout the three-day event, Lillenas offered more than 80 music and drama workshops, keyboard sessions, music reading sessions, and a growing Children’s Track headed up by Pam Andrews, Children’s Product Developer for Lillenas. Tom Fettke, Deborah Craig-Claar, and Bette Dale Moore taught Master Choral and Acting classes, drawing a great response. The Lillenas Dramatic Company, comprised of Chad and Stacey Schnarr, Heather Tinker, and Chris Todd, performed in many of the general and worship sessions. Marty Parks and Steve Bowersox led worship during the weekend.

The conference closed with a meaningful communion service led by Dana Pruesch of Christ Community Church in Olathe, Kansas. Much of the Lillenas staff took part by serving communion to the conference attendees. A special dinner theatre event, Uncle Phil’s Diner 2, capped off the weekend and included performances by its authors Dave Avanzino and Coley Fisher, as well as fellow-Lillenas author Chuck Neighbors, and Kim Messer, product manager of Lillenas Drama.

Lillenas Conference Director and Creative Product Developer George Baldwin commented on the event saying, "From Michael Card's opening to the closing service of Word and Table with Dana Pruesch, this proved to be the best Music and Drama conference yet. We were very pleased with responses from all quarters."

The next Kansas City area Lillenas Music and Drama Conference is scheduled for February 5-7, 2004.

Nazarene Centennial Celebration web site launched
Kansas City—The International Church of the Nazarene will celebrate its centennial year in 2008, a significant time for reflection and renewal. In anticipation of this milestone anniversary, the Board of General Superintendents is working with district, regional, and headquarters leadership to lead the Global Church in a period of unprecedented growth and renewal between now and our centenary year.

A new website,, will provide information on goals, core values, and articles and information about Nazarene heritage. A Global Centennial Celebration Team, co-chaired by Tom Nees, director of the USA/Canada Mission/Evangelism Department, and Louie E. Bustle, director of the World Mission Department, will work with denominational leaders to plan initiatives regarding the 2008 centennial.

From John Wesley through Phineas Bresee to the present, Nazarenes have been on a mission to proclaim the holiness message of personal and social transformation through the power of the Holy Spirit. Nazarenes everywhere are encouraged to join in prayer and commitment during this plan for a five-year (2003-2008) celebration of growth and renewal.

Questions or comments regarding the Centennial Celebration or the web site may be e-mailed to
--USA/Canada Mission/Evangelism

Nazarenes safe in Bolivia despite killings, violence
Bolivia—Nazarenes remain safe after violent protests in Bolivia’s La Paz and Santa Cruz gutted government buildings killing more than 20 people, including 9 police officers, as well as injuring more than 100 others. The violence came as a response to President Gonzalo Sanchez de Lozada’s announcement of a new income tax.

“Things have calmed down here in La Paz, but in Santa Cruz and other cities things are still out of control,” said missionary Lynne Wittung, who is requesting that people continue to pray for the situation.

The violence began on February 12 when striking police officers and civilian protestors clashed with the military in the streets of La Paz. The rioters stormed government buildings, stealing computers and other valuables before setting the buildings on fire. They also attacked Pepsi and Coca-Cola bottling plants, as well as a Burger King.

“We are not aware of any Nazarenes hurt or any damage to church buildings. It was mainly government buildings. We are fine and stocked up on dry-goods as usual,” said Wittung.
--SAM Region

Flooding damages NTS-Brazil
Campinas—Flash floods in the city of Campinas caused thousands of dollars of damage to Brazil’s Nazarene Theological Seminary, as well as damaging the homes of several Nazarene families and a new professor at the seminary.

Though Nazarenes remain safe, the flooding on February 17 killed several people in the town. Many Nazarenes found their homes inundated with up to five feet of water, washing away or destroying furniture, appliances, and personal belongings. Hardest hit was professor Gilson Oliveira who had recently moved to the seminary’s campus. Oliveira lost most of his furniture and appliances.

Water currents were strong enough to wash away shelved books. The Nazarene Publishing House in Campinas lost copies of seven new titles published in 2002, as well as 2000 Bibles. The value of these books is over $50,000.

The flooding also washed away 330 feet of boundary fence, damaged a septic system, and destroyed driveways. The Church in Campinas requests prayer for those affected by the flooding.
--SAM Region

Asia-Pacific Nazarene Child Sponsorship launches new Child Development Program
Philippines—After many months of praying, planning, networking, and consultation the Asia-Pacific Region has officially launched its new holistic Nazarene Child Development Program. In February 2003, a pilot project began operation in Davao City, Philippines through Nazarene Child Sponsorship. The Davao City Child Development Project is a church-based child development ministry being administered by the Community Fellowship Church of the Nazarene. This child development project will be duplicated in many other locations throughout the Asia-Pacific Region.

The Asia-Pacific Nazarene Child Development Program recognizes the importance of the child and believes that development is a process of realizing the full potential of human life as God intended it to be. The program promotes children’s welfare and development, and helps them overcome physical, emotional, and spiritual hunger. It is a ministry to be carried out by local Nazarene churches that desire to minister to children holistically, and work in partnership with Nazarene Compassionate Ministries. This program is intended to reach out to children living in poverty regardless of their faith, race, gender, or political persuasion.

The vision of this program is to establish a community of individuals with Christian values, a new hope, a disciplined life, a keen mind, and a brighter future. Its mission is to help children achieve their God-given potential in order to live better lives.
--Steven Gualberto, Asia-Pacific Child Development Coordinator

Dhaka Ministry Center dedicated in Bangladesh District
Dhaka—The Bangladesh District celebrated its 10-year anniversary recently, highlighted by the dedication of the Dhaka Ministry Center on January 27, 2003 by General Superintendent Paul G. Cunningham. Hermann Gschwandtner, Nazarene Compassionate Ministries director for South Asia, laid the first corner stone for the center in July of 2001.

The dedication ceremony with all delegates and visitors assembled on both sides of the road in front of the new district center, welcoming the international and national honored guests. Cunningham, who served as Chairman of the District Assembly, spoke words of blessing as he cut the red band and dedicated the DMC to the service of God and ministry to the people. Regional Director Franklin Cook also brought greetings and words of encouragement to those gathered.

The Dhaka Ministry Center consists of the Dhaka church sanctuary, a pastor’s office, district offices, classrooms and dormitories for pastoral and leadership training, as well as rooms for visiting guests.

District Superintendent Sukamal Biswas said of the event, “In only ten years, our district has grown to over 100 churches. This is not our own doing, but has come about through the blessings of our Lord. I am very happy and thankful that through His grace and through the help of our friends all over the world, we could now construct this building to serve our people. My hope is that this building will be like a lighthouse, where people can see the light of God shine into their darkness."
--NCN News-Eurasia, Bangladesh District

Nicaragua North District welcomes first W&W teams
Nicaragua—The Nicaragua North District welcomed Work and Witness teams this past January for the first time since becoming an organized district. The joint effort combined the Minnesota district, Denver First Church, as well as team members hailing from Ohio and Michigan. Missionaries and MKs from the field office in San Jose, Costa Rica also joined the effort. The groups, totaling more than 80 people, split into four teams.

The team from Denver First Church coordinated a medical team consisting of doctors, nurses, a pharmacist, missionaries, as well as high school and college students. The mobile clinic attended to more than 1500 people in Northern Nicaragua. The group also ministered to the children of two neighborhoods in Esteli through a Vacation Bible School program. The Work and Witness team presented the program while MK Julie Rice translated into Spanish.

Denver First also started the North District Center and office in Esteli, while the Minnesota District team finished the construction of a sanctuary built in memory of Dianne Nelson. Nelson’s surviving family, Denver First’s Jerry Nelson and sons Brad and Scott, attended the dedication service. The service included special greetings and reflections from Field Director Tim Brunk, District Superintendent Denis Espinoza, Work and Witness Coordinator Eric Buell, and a special biography about the life of Dianne Nelson by her husband.
--Eric Buell, MAC Region

Out of Africa
Joanie Doerr, NCN - Africa, supplies all information for this summary.

Another first on the Africa Region
Angola—Due to the valiant efforts of church planters Jonas Mulate and Phil Patalano in the country of Angola, the first two Youth Camps for the Church of the Nazarene were held recently in the cities of Luanda and Lubango. The keynote speaker for the camps was Monte Cyr, coordinator for NYI-Africa.

“It was mind-boggling to see the tremendous progress the church in Angola has made in only a few years,” remarked Cyr. “I was especially happy to see that pastors and church members considered youth ministry to be a vital part of their churches.”

In the northern city of Luanda, 37 young people met in a school enclosure. The incredible heat of the coastal city did not seem to dampen the enthusiasm of the participants as they attended seminars on AIDS, workshops on the Regional NYI program, Bible Quizzing competitions, football (soccer) games, and worship services. Cyr remarked that, “Everything we did was a first for these young people!”

In southern Angola, young people traveled from as far south as Namibia and from the eastern border of the Angola to attend their first youth camp in Lubango. According to Cyr, one group of 60 young people arrived by train on the second day of the conference. “It was thrilling to see and hear that progression of young people, as they walked on the dusty road toward the tent,” said Cyr. “Everyone was balancing their sleeping mat on their head, carrying their belongings, and singing praises to the Lord!” There were 225 young people and pastors representing 25 churches in attendance in Lubango. The youth met (and some even slept) in a large tent pitched on the property for the Central Church of the Nazarene.

Patalano concluded, “What testified the most about the success of the Youth Camp in Luanda was the arrival of the young people a week later in the Sunday morning church services. They all were wearing their NYI shirts.”
--NCN News-Africa

Mozambique Hit by Cyclone
Vilankulo—A powerful cyclone recently slammed into the Mozambique coast destroying hundreds, if not thousands, of houses and buildings.

Preliminary reports from the town of Vilankulo, of the Inhambane Province, stated that over 20,000 people were affected by the storm. District Superintendent Gilberto Mavila, who lives in Vilankulo, said that the roof was blown off his home. Other Nazarenes have completely lost their homes. At least two Nazarene churches, in Inhassoro and Mapinhane respectively, were damaged by the storm.
--NCN News-Africa

Personal Note
E.V. Hill, 69, dies of pneumonia
E.V. Hill, pastor of Mt. Zion Missionary Baptist Church in Los Angeles, passed away recently at the age of 69. Hill, an influential player in politics and the National Baptist Convention, died of an aggressive form of pneumonia.

Pastor of Mt. Zion for 42 years, Hill had continued to preach at the church despite diabetes and a condition that weakened his legs so much that he had to deliver sermons sitting down for the last eight months. His wife, Jane, passed away from cancer several years ago.

Bishop Charles E. Blake, pastor of West Angeles Cathedral in Los Angeles, told the Los Angeles Times that Hill was "one of the most significant personalities in the clergy over the past 30 or 40 years."

Hill grew up in poverty and rose to become not only an influential pastor, but also a figure in the civil rights movement and confidant of Martin Luther King, Jr. The Times said Hill was also known for standing by figures in the midst of scandal. In 1998, as a leader in his denomination, Hill stood by Henry Lyons after he was found guilty of racketeering. Hill also supported televangelists Jim Bakker and Jimmy Swaggart when sex scandals brought them national attention.
--Christianity Today Online

Church of the Nazarene Ministry Links
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Prayer Mobilization Line
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Nazarene Collegiate News
SNU breaks ground for new Marchant Family Alumni & Welcome Center
Bethany—Local dignitaries and university trustees and staff were present for the ground-breaking ceremony for the Marchant Family Alumni & Welcome Center, Friday, March 7, on the campus of Southern Nazarene University.

The implementation of construction has been made possible through a substantial gift given to SNU by the Kenny and Donna Marchant Family. Kenny Marchant, a 1973 graduate of SNU, is a developer in Texas where he is also a member of the Texas State House of Legislature and serves as Chairman of the State Affairs Committee.

“For many years, I have dreamed of building a facility where alumni, visitors, and prospective students could be welcomed to the campus in a warm, inviting atmosphere and witness the rich history of Southern Nazarene University. As a proud alumnus, I am honored to be part of the continued growth of a university that holds in high esteem eternal values for future generations,” Marchant said.

The brick and cast-stone building will be constructed alongside the Bresee Administration building and will serve as a welcoming space for all visitors to the campus, located in Bethany, Oklahoma.

Ney secures $600,000 in funding for MVNU science facilities
Washington, D.C.—U.S. Representative Bob Ney (OH-18) announced recently that Mount Vernon Nazarene University will receive $600,000 in federal funding towards a “renovated, expanded and modernized” Natural Science Facility that will enhance Regents Hall. Ney wrote his colleagues on the House Appropriations Committee on May 9 to request this funding and it was included in the House-Senate omnibus spending bill passed by the Congress in the last month.

"MVNU has served our state and its citizens well for over 30 years, and this…will help continue its commitment to higher education into the 21st century," Ney said. "I'm pleased my colleagues in the Congress agreed with me in funding this project and look forward to the continued growth of this important Ohio institution."

Presently, MVNU has an exceptionally high rate of students entering medical school following their MVNU experience. “I am elated with this grant which, with last year’s amount, provides a total of $1.1 million from our congressmen to renovate, expand and modernize our science facilities,” said MVNU President E. LeBron Fairbanks. “Particularly, our outstanding programs in computer science and pre-medicine will benefit and be strengthened from this generous grant.”

Henry Smith, MVNU’s provost and chief academic officer, stated, “External funding for our sciences has been a priority in recent years in order to keep our facilities current. This funding will allow us to modernize our laboratories and continue to offer an excellent teaching and learning environment for our faculty and students. In a time of budget constraints, this gift is a significant encouragement to us.”

FOX’s Fred Barnes to speak at Olivet
Kankakee—FOX News Channel’s Fred Barnes, co-host of “The Beltway Boys” and commentator for “Special Report With Brit Hume,” will visit the Olivet Nazarene University campus on April 9 to share his nationally recognized expertise on current issues facing Washington, D.C., and the American people.

Barnes will speak at a luncheon, open to the community, on Olivet’s campus.

Barnes’ visit is a part of the Distinguished Speakers Series, underwritten by Peoples Bank of Kankakee County, Illinois and part of “ONU Presents,” a program providing the community with inspirational, educational and entertaining events each year. National City serves as the title sponsor of the program.

A former senior editor and White House correspondent for The New Republic, Barnes has a long list of credentials. He was one of three founders of The Weekly Standard; has written for Reader’s Digest, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Spectator, Washingtonian, The Public Interest, Policy Review, The Sunday Telegraph and The Sunday Times of London; and has hosted weekly radio shows, including “Issues in the News” and “What’s the Story” He also has served as a regular panelist for “The McLaughlin Group.”

NCN Sports
PGA star Tom Lehman shares testimony with Point Loma audience
Point Loma—The Point Loma Nazarene University Athletic Department recently started setting one evening aside a month which included no practices or games where all the athletes of the 14 teams on campus come together for spiritual emphasis and fellowship. In each meeting or gathering, a keynote speaker is presented with a different spiritual emphasis each time. The monthly athletic fellowship was set up for a time to reflect on the spiritual side of what is happening in the lives of the PLNU athletes outside of their particular sport.

In the February 12 gathering, all the athletes, coaches, and athletic staff were treated to pro golfer Tom Lehman of the PGA coming and sharing his testimony. Lehman, who was in San Diego for the PGA’s annual stop at Torrey Pines Golf Course for the Buick Invitational (finished tied for 21st), also happens to be close family friends with PLNU freshman golfer Brett Whiteman’s family.

When the idea was presented to Lehman to come speak to the Point Loma Nazarene athletes by Crusader Golf Coach Ben Foster, Lehman embraced the idea with open arms. A known Christian on the PGA tour, Lehman is looked upon by many on the pro-tour for being a strong man of God who has helped the PGA Bible Study continue to grow.

“It was a tremendous privilege to have an athlete of his stature to come be with our student athletes and share his testimony. For him to be a man of God who stands tall in a largely secular world as a witness to Jesus Christ, it was an honor to have him as our guest,” stated PLNU Athletic Director Carroll Land.

Lehman shared his personal faith in Jesus Christ and how He loves each and every one of us regardless of our profession and secular achievements. Lehman stressed to the audience that our mission as Christians is to be the best people we can be in our walk with God.

Since his arrival on the tour in 1982, Lehman has won five PGA events, including one major (1996 British Open) and has played on three U.S. Rider Cup teams. Perhaps his best season was in 1996 when, in addition to winning his first major championship, he also won the TOUR Championship and was awarded the PGA Tour Player of the Year Award, as well as the Vardon Trophy for leading the money list and having the lowest scoring average on tour. He also went on to win the PGA Grand Slam and the Diners Club Matches with Duffy Waldorf and was on the U.S. World Cup of Golf and President's Cup teams. Lehman’s most recent victory came at the 2000 Phoenix Open. He has also designed at least six courses across the United States.

Nazarene Collegiate Sports Update:

Women’s Basketball: 1-22
Men’s Basketball: 9-17

Women’s Basketball: 24-7
Men’s Basketball: 28-6, NAIA rank: 7 (Div. 2, Final Ranking)
Men’s Baseball: 4-3
Women’s Softball: 5-2-1

Women’s Basketball: 10-19
Men’s Basketball: 18-12
Women’s Softball: 0-1

Women’s Basketball: 19-8
Men’s Basketball: 5-21
Men’s Baseball: 1-11
Women’s Softball: 0-7

Women’s Basketball: 18-14
Men’s Basketball: 21-12
Men’s Baseball: 6-2, NAIA rank: 18
Women’s Softball: 3-1, NAIA rank: 14

*Women’s Basketball: 25-8, NAIA rank: 18 (Final Ranking)
Men’s Basketball: 21-10
Men’s Baseball: 16-4, NAIA rank: 22
Women’s Softball: 13-4, NAIA rank: 2

*Women’s Basketball: 24-9, NAIA rank: 6 (Final Ranking)
Men’s Basketball: 14-16
Men’s Baseball: 13-5
Women’s Softball: 2-4

*Women’s Basketball: 24-8, NAIA rank: 14 (Final Ranking)
Men’s Basketball: 16-12
Men’s Baseball: 15-8
Women’s Softball: 14-0

*Southern Nazarene, Point Loma, and Trevecca women’s basketball teams all begin National Tournament play next week.

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