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Lamp of Knowledge, Silver Medal with Ribbon Drape
With a plastic box
Silver Medal/Pin
Back Ordered
Price: $8.99
About This Product
Kids love receiving awards for their work and accomplishments. Give this attractive medal for special recognition at quizzing events. The back is suitable for engraving. 1 5/6" diameter.

Engraving Information: Three type styles to choose from: Plain-Letter, Script, or Decorative Letter. (Ten cents per letter.) As this web site is not configured to take engraving instructions with your order, please use the following method to make sure your order is processed properly. Send e-mail to or a letter to NPH, 2923 Troost Ave., Kansas City, MO 64109, with your name, account number, billing and shipping addresses, item numbers, item names, prices, shipping method (or when you need the order), and detailed, clear engraving instructions. Make sure to include contact information so we may get in touch if we have questions. Thank you.
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