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Part of the Series:
Undercurrent Series
Perfect Wave
Reflecting God by Protecting the Earth
By: Coy Lindsey
Produced by: Barefoot Ministries
A look at environmental holiness
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Price: $8.99
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About This Product
Loving your enemies, controlling your temper, reflecting the image of Christ...isn't that what holiness is all about?

When you contemplate holiness, you may not think of "going green," but caring for the earth is an essential part of the Christian life. If holiness is mirroring Christ in every aspect of life, wouldn't that include your interaction with God's creation?

Perfect Wave challenges you to take your idea of holiness one step further. Learn to reflect the image of Christ through your relationship with His creation. Through personal stories and biblical truths, Coy Lindsey approaches holiness from a Christian surfer's perspective, providing a deeper understaning of environmental holiness.

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