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Part of the Series:
Ancient Faith
1 & 2 Peter
Lectio Divina for Youth
Produced by: Barefoot Ministries
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About This Product
Lectio divina is Latin for divine reading. The Lectio Divina for Youth books are Bible studies that call students to slow down, read Scripture, meditate on it, and prayerfully respond as they listen to God through His Word. These powerful books expand on the successful Barefoot Ministries' Ancient Faith Series. They work perfectly with either small groups or individual Bible study.

Each Lectio Divina for Youth Bible study incorporates the following approach:

Reading (Lectio). Quieting ourselves prior to reading the Word.
Meditation (Meditatio). We dig deep and explore the meaning of the Bible passage.
Prayer (Oratio). We respond to God through praise, thanksgiving, confession, and agreement.
Contemplation (Contemplatio). We come to a place where we rest in the presence of God and receive what He has said to us.

Each chapter ends with a set of group study questions. Questions are designed for students to think about and discuss what it means to live out the Word in their community.
Topics: Ancient Faith Series, Lectio Divina

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    Sample: 1 & 2 Peter (Lectio Divina Series--Barefoot)
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1 & 2 Peter (Lectio Divina Series--Barefoot)
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