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Wiggles, Giggles & God
A Complete Nursery Kit
Produced by: WordAction Publishing Company
Resource Kit
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Price: $119.99
About This Product
Wiggles, Giggles & God is the sort of nursery help kit that you can use with one baby on your hip, while holding the hand of a toddler and trying to pass out Cheerios for snack time.

What's included in this kit:

Nursery Coordinator's Guide and CD
In this guide you will find resources for running your church nursery from volunteer recruitment and training to nursery procedures. The coordinator's CD also includes a digital version of the coordinator's guide and parent papers to send home for parent and child interactive learning.

Poster Set and Anytime Activities
There are 12 learning units included with this kit in an easy-to-use form.
1. Each monthly poster can be placed on the wall. There is bright, colorful Bible art to use as you tell Bible stories and do the sensory activities suggested on the poster.
2. The Anytime Activities options calendar can be hung on the wall in a prominent place. There are two pages for activity ideas for each unit theme. It is hands-free teaching--no separate teacher book to carry around!

Music CD
This is a great way to welcome and say goodbye to little ones each week. It includes 15 songs, one song for each unit theme, a welcome song, prayer song, and a clean-up song. Little learners love music!

My Bible Book
This bright, colorful board book provides not only Bible stories for each month, but a fun book to look through with babies and toddlers. Each Bible story includes a Bible verse, art, biblical truth, and a quick, easy activity.

Hand in Hand
Hand in Hand is a valuable resource for reaching out to parents. Order an additional Hand in Hand packet for each family. It includes birthday cards, contact tools, baby dedication certificate, and parent newsletters for the first three years of life.


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Sample Pages
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    Wiggles Poster Sample
    Wiggles Parent's Page
    Unit 3 Activity Options
    My Bible Book Image
    Activity Options
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