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inSight Media
When Life Doesn't Turn Out the Way You Expect, DVD + Book
Lessons for Faith Communities
By: Jerry Brecheisen, Lawrence W. Wilson, Heather Gemmen Wilson
Produced by: Beacon Hill Press of Kansas City
DVD and Book Combo Pack
In Stock
Price: $24.99
About This Product
No matter how you've suffered, God can heal your broken heart.

No one expects to suffer heartaches such as divorce, losing a child, or the diagnosis of a debilitating disease while dreaming about the future and envisioning how life will turn out. No one prepares to face the disillusionment of the unexpected and when it hits, the trials can leave behind bewilderment and anger-causing many to question their faith.

In When Life Doesn't Turn Out the Way You Expect, Jerry Brecheisen and Lawrence Wilson identify the negative effects of difficult life experiences and show you ways to begin healing the hurts and disappointments that have disrupted and embittered your life.

In these inspiring video lessons, author Lawrence Wilson and his wife, Heather, share their stories of heartbreak, loss, rejection, and failure and describe how God has helped them overcome the suffering in their lives. Their honesty and insight will impact viewers and challenge them to allow God to bring redemption and heal their disappointments.

This resource includes a copy of the book, When Life Doesn't Turn Out the Way You Expect, and a DVD containing six, 10 minute video lessons that correspond to the book's various chapters. This combo package, part of the In Sight Media Series, is a great resource for adult Sunday School classes, small-group discussions, and sermon enhancement.
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Book 9780834120693  $13.99   In Stock

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