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Vital Beliefs - Pupil Book
Finding Our Place in the Story of God
By: Mike Schoonover, Jim Hampton
Help teens see the importance of what Christians believe. Give them a complete understanding of God, the church, and their place in it. Pupil. See More On This Item
Pupil Book 9780834117365 Best Seller!
Price: $6.99   
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1. Adventures In Truth By: W. T. Purkiser Book 9780834109902 Price: $1.99
2. This Is My Church: A Church Membership Study for Older Elementary Children By: Robert D. Troutman Pupil Book 9780834112643 Price: $2.99
3. Vital Beliefs - Leader's Guide: Finding Our Place In The Story of God By: Jim Hampton 9780834117358 Price: $14.99
4. Vital Beliefs - Pupil Book: Finding Our Place in the Story of God By: Mike Schoonover, Jim Hampton Pupil Book 9780834117365Best Seller! Price: $6.99
5. Vital Connection: NAZARENE CHURCH MEMBERSHIP FOR TEENS By: Mark Hayse YD-9800 Price: $14.99
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