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Welcome to Children's Quizzing!

Click here to view "Welcome to Children's Quizzing" PowerPoint presentation.

Children's Quizzing is a six-year Bible study program with a competition element, designed for school-age children.

Children's Quizzing Participants
This Bible study has been created for children 6 to 12 years old or in school grades 1-6. All ages can use all sections of the study. However, some sections of the study have been especially planned with beginning readers or preteens in mind.

Children's Quizzing Scope and Sequence
Each book in the Children's Quizzing curriculum has been chosen intentionally to help children gain an overall understanding of the chronology of the Bible. The six studies in the scope and sequence are:
  • Studies in Joshua, Judges, and Ruth (2015-16)
  • Studies in 1 & 2 Samuel (2016-17)
  • Studies in Matthew (2017-18)
  • Studies in Acts (2018-19)
  • Studies in Genesis (2019-20)
  • Studies in Exodus (2020-21)

Children's Quizzing provides Bible study review and competition questions for two levels of ability and comprehension.
  • The RED Level is for younger children, beginning readers, and older quizzers who need or desire a simpler level of review and competition. RED Level competition questions include some from Dr. Digalot's Challenge in the Children's Quizzing curriculum plus rewritten questions and entirely new questions.
  • The BLUE Level is for older children, better readers, and younger quizzers who need or desire an advanced form of review and competition. BLUE Level competition questions include some from Dr. Digalot's Challenge plus rewritten questions and entirely new questions. These questions require a higher level of thought processing.
Although the RED and BLUE Levels of review questions are developed for particular comprehension levels, they are not limited to certain grades. Children can use either level, depending on whether they desire an easier or an advanced level of review.

What Kids Learn in Studies in Joshua, Judges, and Ruth:
  • The events and messages of Joshua, Judges, and Ruth, including these details and more:
    1. More than 470 years after God promised to give Abraham the land of Canaan (encountered in Studies in Genesis, 2013-2014), Joshua led the people into that land.
    2. Although the Lord gave the Israelites the land, they had to fight many battles. Sometimes they made mistakes.
    3. After Joshua died, the Israelites began to worship Baal and other Canaanite gods.
    4. During this time, the Lord provided "judges," such as Deborah, Gideon, and Samson, who led Israel in times of trouble and helped them stay faithful to the Lord.
    5. During the time of the judges, there lived a Moabite widow named Ruth. She chose to go with her Israelite mother-in-law, Naomi, to Israel and to serve God.
    6. Ruth was faithful to Naomi and God faithfully provided for them.
    7. Ruth married Boaz, a wealthy relative of Naomi's husband. She became the great-grandmother of King David, one of the most famous men in the Bible.

      Adventures in the Promised Land!
      • Students will learn that God is faithful and keeps His promises!
      • 20 Faith Words to help children build their spiritual vocabulary and understanding of the Christian faith.
      • God's Characteristics—snapshots of what God is like, revealed through His interactions with people and situations in each Dig Site (lesson).

      Features of the Children's Quizzing Bible Study
      1. Archeological Theme
        • Fun Characters. Dr. Digalot, a famous archeologist and his sidekick, Canteen the Camel, lead the way as children study each week's passage. There are twenty Dig Sites (weekly lessons) on the "expedition" known as Adventures in the Promised Land!
        • More information about Dr. Digalot:
          Full Name: Dr. Likes T. Digalot
          Place of Birth: Midda Nowhere
          Favorite Pastimes: Discovering God's Word, storytelling, keeping a diary of his discoveries, and soccer
          Collections: Books (especially the Bible), old maps, objects from his adventures that he keeps in his suitcase.
        • Features of the Archeological Theme:
          Dr. Digalot's Diary: A weekly "diary" entry that helps frame the Dig Site (weekly lesson) with a whimsical twist and fictional plotline
          Time Warp: Activities designed to engage the children in a fun way as they "time warp" back to the ancient days being studied
          ARTI-FACTS: Important facts, Faith Words, other vocabulary words, and names of people, places, and things that children gather from each Dig Site. Most important of the ARTI-FACTS are God's Characteristics—key qualities in God's nature and being that are revealed as He interacts with the people and situations in the narrative.
      2. A Clear, Easy-to-Remember Bible Truth
        Each truth summarizes the key idea in the Bible passage studied in each Dig Site. Learning the 20 Bible Truth statements gives kids an overall picture of the message of Joshua, Judges, and Ruth.
      3. Special Features for the Leader
        • Teaching Tips—Ideas for teaching the Dig Site in the most effective ways possible
        • Discussion Questions—Additional questions that naturally spring out of the narrative being studied to help spur thinking and conversation with the children
        • Dig Deeper—Extra ideas for leaders and groups who want additional study on the topic of the Dig Site. This section was also designed with home school families in mind. Suggestions include areas of study such as: reading, math, science, creative writing, and extra Bible study. You and your kids will love it.
        • Canteen's Questions—Supplemental questions that appear only in the Leader's Guide to help kids review the facts learned in each Dig Site. Since these questions do not provide multiple-choice answers, they require kids to think on a deeper level.
        • Features for Beginning Readers
          • A Storytelling Component to help children learn the lesson in a different way.
          • 20 Motions—one for each Dig Site (lesson)—to help children learn the essential idea of each Dig Site through physical movement. When children string all 20 motions together, they will know the essence of the entire book they have studied.
        • A Special Feature for Preteens
          • Preteen Secret Passage takes each Dig Site to the next level for preteens with special games, activities, and discussion questions designed with 5th and 6th graders in mind.

      Prepare for Your Expedition
      1. Buy Supplies
        Order the following Children's Quizzing materials from the Nazarene Publishing House at or 1-800-877-0700.
      2. Review Your Site Map
        The beginning pages of the leader's guide detail the information needed to plan and prepare for your Bible study. The Site Map in each Dig Site (lesson) details the sections of the study and what they include.
      3. Choose the Day, Time, Length (60 or 90 minutes), and Location for Your Weekly Dig Site (lesson)
        • Determine if you will combine or separate the levels--RED Level (beginning) and BLUE Level (advanced)
          • RED Level is designed for younger children, ages 6-8 years old or in grades 1-3.
          • BLUE Level is designed for older children,ages 9-12 years old or in grades 4-6.
          • Dr. Digalot's Challenge has review questions for both RED and BLUE Levels. Every section (except for Preteen Secret Passage) can be used for either RED or BLUE Levels. However, the storytelling component can help children (especially beginning readers) learn the information for each Dig Site through a story format.
      4. Advertise Your Expedition
        • Place information in the church newsletter and worship folder.
        • Use the posters to announce the beginning of the Bible study.
        • Send all eligible (age) children and their parents a postcard detailing the time and location of your Bible study.
        • Make announcements in children's Sunday School classes, children's church, and in your church's other ministries to children. Also do so in adult Sunday School classes that include parents of school-age children.
      5. Begin Your Studies in Joshua, Judges, and Ruth: Adventures in the Promised Land!
        Children's Quizzing is, first and foremost, a valuable Bible study program for children. The information and truths children learn as they study God's Word provide a solid foundation for a life. Although quizzing competition adds an extra measure of excitement, it is not essential to a successful program. Pray that your children will learn to love and study the Bible, applying its truths to their lives.
      If your church wants to participate in quizzing competition, contact the general Children's Ministries office at or at 1-888-644-4510.

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