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Featured Selections
Milton Bunker
Hunter and Quester
Now a full-color badge to adhere to the Searcher scarf, insead of just a paper certificate! This special award is the culminating acheivement for the . . .See More On This Item
Searcher Award: Bunker CV-201
Price: $1.05   
I Believe
Searcher Quester
This colorful badge lets people know that your Searcher Quester has worked hard in Caravan and knows what he or she believes! See More On This Item
Searcher/Quester Award: "I Believe" CV-502
Price: $1.05   
P.F. Bresee Award Medal
This is it... the granddaddy of them all! The Phineas F. Bresee Award Medal is not only special, it is the top honor in Caravan. Winning this award means . . .See More On This Item
Caravan CV-6600
Price: $11.99   
Searcher Hunter Rank Pin
The colorful metal Searcher Hunter rank pin will look awesome on the Caravan scarf! See More On This Item
Searcher/Hunter Rank CV-401
Price: $1.59   
Core Value: Evangelism
Evangelism: one of eight core value badges that Explorers and Adventurers can earn, highlighting Christian virtues. See More On This Item
Explorer/Sentry Award: Evangelism CV-620
Price: $1.05   
Listing of All Rank Pins & Awards
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1. Haldor Lillenas: Adventurer: Pathfinder and Trailblazer Pin CV-203 Price: $2.49
2. P.F. Bresee Award Medal Caravan CV-6600 Price: $11.99
3. Esther Carson Winans: Explorer: Sentry and Scout Pin CV-202 Price: $2.49
4. Milton Bunker: Hunter and Quester Searcher Award: Bunker CV-201 Price: $1.05
5. I Believe: Searcher Hunter Searcher/Hunter Award: "I Believe" CV-402 Price: $1.05
6. Searcher Hunter Rank Pin Searcher/Hunter Rank CV-401 Price: $1.59
7. Core Value: Compassion: Adventurer Pathfinder Adventurer/Pathfinder Award: Compassion CV-821 Price: $1.05
8. Adventurer Pathfinder Rank Pin Adventurer/Pathfinder Rank CV-801 Price: $1.59
9. Core Value: Service: Adventurer Pathfinder Adventurer/Pathfinder Award: Service CV-820 Price: $1.05
10. I Believe: Searcher Quester Searcher/Quester Award: "I Believe" CV-502 Price: $1.05
Results 1-10 of 21More Results123nextend
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