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Adult NMI Book Set 2016-17 (4 Books)

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Adult Book Set
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Four mission books, plus 25 bookmarks and a reading chart for readers to record books read.

Amazon Adventures by Larry Garman
Join the Garmans as they walk through the jungle, navigate the raging Marañon, slip quietly along a remote trail, and celebrate God's amazing grace.

Branching Into Missions by Tim Crutcher
This book invites you to find an opportunity for missions involvement that connects your heart with the needs around the world.

Messengers of Holiness by Amy Crofford and Brad Crofford
This book reminds us of Africans who were and are messengers of holiness in Africa and beyond and encourages us to dream with those whom God calls to missions now and for the future.

A Missions Mosaic by Donna M. Wilson
While Canada has frequently sent Nazarene missionaries abroad, the country's open immigration policy has created an influx for new opportunities for ministry at home.

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