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Nazarene Essentials Small Group

A 13-Week Study on Who We Are and What We Believe

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About This Product The Nazarene Essentials Small Group resource is designed to help facilitate conversation about Nazarene Essentials: Who We Are and What We Believe. This guide will enable you to lead small groups through a discussion of 13 relevant topics like meaningful worship, theological coherence, and purposeful compassion.

This resource includes a DVD containing 13 videos that feature Nazarene ministers and lay leaders who speak passionately about each discussion topic and a digital copy of the leader's guide and participant handouts.

You will want to provide every small group member a copy of Nazarene Essentials (the student piece) to read before each session. Free printed copies of the student piece can be ordered by emailing Digital copies for computers and tablets, along with a variety of additional material, can be found at

Additional Information Nazarene Essentials Small Group - Table of Contents