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Volunteer Youth Worker's Guides (Pack of 3)

By: Mark Oestreicher
Produced by: Barefoot Ministries
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Book Set
(package of 3)
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About This Product This set of Volunteer Youth Worker's Guides will lead you through Understanding Today's Teenagers, Leading a Small Group, and Resourcing Parents.

Volunteer Youth Worker's Guide to Understanding Today's Teenagers
A Volunteer Youth Worker's Guide to Understanding Today's Teenager uses a combination of science, logic, and compassion to help bring us back from the cliff edge and remember why we started working with teens in the first place. Use this book as a jumping-off point to re-ignite your passion for teens.

Volunteer Youth Worker's Guide to Leading a Small Group
Marko insists that small groups promote safe spaces to grow, consistency in teenagers' emotionally tumultuous lives, and repetition that instills in them the importance of trust and tradition. The Guide to Leading a Small Group is perfect to help you restructure and rethink your small-group programming so you don't get burned out.

Volunteer Youth Worker's Guide to Resourcing Parents
Every youth leader, volunteer, or pastor has failed at some point in their communication or interaction with their teenagers' parents. It's inevitable. Marko explores the importance and deep significance of being intentional with parent contact and interaction, and not letting family ministry slip through the cracks in favor of teenager-only ministry. Topics: Communication, Small Group Bible Study, Small Group or Small Groups, Small group resources, Youth, Youth Books