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2017-18 Living Mission: Purposeful Missions, Planner

Adult Mission Education Resource Packet

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Adult Mission Education Resource Packet
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About This Product Living Mission&mdashPurposeful Missions provides timely inspirational missions stories from around the world.

Purposeful Missions delves into facets of global education and how missions touches them&mdash365m, the importance of education in missions, and an update on the NMI International Student Scholarship Fund. Topics visit a number of compassion-based ministries in the Church of the Nazarene—agriculture-focused missions, breaking the bonds of global poverty, and how the church has developed resiliency in times of disaster. Your people will be inspired to learn about preparing children and youth for missions, how the global church breaks down barriers, and about the need for patience in missions. Discover how John 3:16 can help win souls around the globe, how your church can be a sending church, and how to effectively pray for missions.

This curriculum includes 12 lessons with suggested additional resources such as recipes, books, articles, websites, and videos. Each lesson features multiple presentation options, handouts, and varied involvement ideas that coordinate with the lesson topics.  
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Lesson 1 - 365m (365 Days in Mission)
Lesson 2 - Rooted in Hope (Agriculture-focused Missions)
Lesson 3 - Breaking Poverty (Engaging the Heart and the Head)
Lesson 4 - Education-So What? (Transforming Lives through Education
Lesson 5 - Working Side by Side (Engaging Children & Youth)
Lesson 6 - Pulling Down Walls (Being a Part of a Global Church)
Lesson 7 - One Conversation at a Time (John 3:16)
Lesson 8 - Patience (A Lesson in Waiting)
Lesson 9 - Update (NMI 80th Anniversary Project)
Lesson 10 - The Personality of a Sending Church (Guiding Those Called)
Lesson 11 - Prayer (The Greater Work)
Lesson 12 - When Disaster Strikes (The Church Being the Church)