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2016-17 Living Mission: Embrace Your Purpose, Planner

Adult Mission Education Resource Packet

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Adult Mission Education Resource Packet
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About This Product Living Mission--Embrace Your Purpose provides inspirational missions stories from around the world. The curriculum includes 12 lessons with suggested additional resources such as websites and videos. Each lesson has multiple presentation options and varied involvement ideas that apply to the lesson.  
Lesson 1 - Missions‐It's Scriptural
Lesson 2 - Infusing Missions in Others
Lesson 3 - Genesis—It's a Beginning
Lesson 4 - Reaching the Community through Its Children
Lesson 5 - A New View on a Glass House
Lesson 6 - Looking After Orphans in Their Distress
Lesson 7 - Serving as the Hands and Feet of Jesus
Lesson 8 - Mighty Moments in Myanmar
Lesson 9 - We Need to Get Out More
Lesson 10 - When the Earth Shook Nepal
Lesson 11 - Called and Sent
Lesson 12 - Perfect Love Drives Out Fear