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Preschool/Kindergarten Teacher

Dec/Jan/Feb 2017-18

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Preschool/Kindergarten Teacher
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About This Product Packed with activities and lessons designed specifically for this developing age group, WordAction's main goal is to help them fall in love with the Bible stories, putting into place the foundation of Joy in Bible learning for a lifetime.

Exciting features of WordAction's Preschool Kindergarten curriculum:
  • Separate age appropriate activities for Preschool and Kindergarten
  • Lesson options: customize the lesson to best fit your group
  • "Sight words": help children identify a key word and "read along" with each Bible story.

"The Preschool Sunday School Teacher's book is wonderful! I've taught Sunday School off and on for 35 years—this is the BEST, yet! It gives me great options—this curriculum makes my job SO much fun!"
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Preschool/Kindergarten Teacher - Sample
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