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Mysteries with a Message No. 2

By: Tom & Celesta Letchworth
Produced by: Lillenas Drama
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About This Product For permission to perform either play found in Mysteries With A Message, Vol.2 you are required to purchase the Production Pack. In addition to including 9 scripts at a reduced rate for the director and major characters, you receive permission to make photocopies of the script for minor characters and your technical crew and a Performance Licensing Agreement. The Performance Licensing Agreement is used to pay the Royalty fee(s) and is due two weeks prior to performance(s). The Production Pack price does not include the Royalty payment.
The Letchworth's mystery series is popular as fun entertainment. Each of the two scripts in this collection relate directly to the local church; a missing Sunday School teacher, and a page from the pastor's morning sermon. The key word for these plays is "outrageous." They can be performed with teen or adult actors; fully staged or as readers theatre. Suggested Use: Two good plays for a night of theatre fun, teens will enjoy performing these, and the audience will enjoy the chance to solve the crime. Performance Royalty: First Performance: $15.00/Additional Performances: $10.00  
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Mysteries with a Message No. 2
9780834196544 To perform this piece you are required to purchase a Production Pack. Click Here For Details.
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