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One Time Blind

Script Collection

By: onetimeblind
Produced by: Lillenas Drama
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Drama Book
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About This Product Very conversational and casual, the drama in this collection is not the typical character-driven sketches to which you are accustomed. Pop culture serves as the vehicle for the lesson in some; in others, it's the pure simplicity of the Gospel as explored by ordinary people. You don't have to look hard for the message in each script - it's been unapologetically included. These scripts are simple to pull off. Make them your own. Share the message.
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 Cast: Casts vary; from one to five persons Performance Time: Sketches run 4 to 8 minutes each. Topics: Bible or Bibles, Body of Christ, Cross, Cults, Dating, Discipleship, Evil, Faithfulness, Fear, Fears, Forgiveness, God's Word, Media Influence, Memorization, Miracles, Movie or Movies, Obedience, Prejudice, Purity, Relativism, Satan, Sex, TV, Temptations, Temptation, Tolerance, Trust or Trust in God, Truth, Unity, Using God's Name in Vain Suggested Use: In worship or retreat settings Performance Royalty: Nonroyalty  
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Help Downloadable Script 11954  $10.00  
Little Things Downloadable Script 11955  $10.00  
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Preview: Apple
Preview: Oh My Larry!
Preview: Dirty Shirt
Preview: Garbage
Preview: Help
Preview: Little Things
Preview: Lord, Lord
Preview: Nursery Rhyme Devil
Preview: Red Balloon
Preview: The Game
Preview: Trust Fall
Preview: Who Do You Serve?
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