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Quick Start Drama for Kids

No Rehearsal Bible Skits for Classroom or Performance

By: Debbie Salter Goodwin
Produced by: Lillenas Drama
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Drama Book
Price: $19.99
About This Product Performance Time: Varies depending on content chosen Topics: Body of Christ, Celebrations, Children's Drama, Children's Ministry, Christian Maturity, Healing, Jesus Calms the Storms, Jesus Casts Out Demons, Obedience, Salvation Suggested Use: For Sunday School, performance, or short teaching moments for children Performance Royalty: Nonroyalty  
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Preview: The Body
Preview: Donkey Talk
Preview: Legion's New Life
Preview: Lost and Found
Preview: Naaman Dunks for God
Preview: Peter Gets His Feet Wet
Preview: Don't Rock the Boat
Preview: A Shepherd's Story
Preview: Up a Tree
Preview: Vacancy
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