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Gimme Five

Comic Sketches in 5 Minutes or Less

By: Torry Martin
Produced by: Lillenas Drama
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Sketch Collection
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About This Product The repeat request for short sketches has not gone unheard, and with a skilled comic writer such as Torry, there's no going wrong with this collection. Each script offers a quick trip to a Biblical message that can stand-alone or that pastors and speakers can expand upon. Modern application of the Bible, short casts, and simple settings make this a perfect book for both novice and experienced groups. All sketches run 5 minutes or less. Performance Time: Sketches run 5 minutes or less. Suggested Use: Worship services or lessons. Performance Royalty: Nonroyalty  
Downloadable Products
A.C.M.E. Downloadable Script 11054  $10.00  
Rainy Days and Sundays Downloadable Script 11055  $10.00  
Telescopic Vision Downloadable Script 11056  $10.00  
The Right Perspective Downloadable Script 11057  $10.00  
For Better or Worse Downloadable Script 11058  $10.00  
The Trouble with Evelyn Downloadable Script 11059  $10.00  
The Ding King Downloadable Script 11060  $10.00  
Up on the Rooftops Downloadable Script 11061 An "It Just Makes Sense" sketch  $10.00  
Perennial Problems Downloadable Script 11062 An "It Just Makes Sense" sketch  $10.00  
Yum Yum Sweetums Downloadable Script 11063 An "It Just Makes Sense" sketch  $10.00  
Taking Stock of Things Downloadable Script 11064 An "It Just Makes Sense" sketch  $10.00  
Fair-Weather Friend Downloadable Script 11065  $10.00  
Not Even Remotely Happy Downloadable Script 11066 An "It Just Makes Sense" sketch  $10.00  
A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood Downloadable Script 11067 An "It Just Makes Sense" sketch  $10.00  
A Sketchy Beginning Downloadable Script 11068  $10.00  
Basic Training Downloadable Script 11069  $10.00  
That's What Friends Are For Downloadable Script 11070  $10.00  
Preview: A.C.M.E.
Preview: Rainy Days and Sundays
Preview: Telescopic Vision
Preview: The Right Perspective
Preview: For Better or Worse
Preview: The Trouble with Evelyn
Preview: The Ding King
Preview: Up on the Rooftops Preview: Up on the Rooftops
Preview: Perennial Problems
Preview: Yum Yum Sweetums
Preview: Taking Stock of Things
Preview: Fair-Weather Friend
Preview: Not Even Remotely Happy
Preview: A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood
Preview: A Sketchy Beginning
Preview: Basic Training
Preview: That's What Friends Are For
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