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Worship: It's All About Who?

Sketches that Ask the Question

By: Jeff Smith
Produced by: Lillenas Drama
Theme: Worship
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Sketch Collection
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About This Product Performance Time: Most scripts are 2 to 6 minutes in length. Topics: Accountable or Accountability, Attitude or Attitudes, Bitterness, Church Life, Forgiveness, Hypocrisy, Hypocrite, John the Apostle, Joy, Lukewarm Christianity, Offering And Offerings, Praise, Repent or Repentance, Traditions or Traditional, Worship Styles Suggested Use: Use this collection to refocus your congregation! Performance Royalty: Nonroyalty  
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The Blame Game Downloadable Script 11000 Best Dramatic Sketch winner - Christians in Theatre Arts  $10.00  
Elevator Man Downloadable Script 11001  $10.00  
Adore Him Downloadable Script 11002  $10.00  
The Joy Stealer's Club Downloadable Script 11003  $10.00  
No Pets Allowed Downloadable Script 11004  $10.00  
Paul and Silas Downloadable Script 11005  $10.00  
Hear Ye! Downloadable Script 11006  $10.00  
John's Revelation Downloadable Script 11007  $10.00  
Lenny the Laodicean Lounge Lizard Downloadable Script 11008  $10.00  
The Woman at the Coke Machine Downloadable Script 11009  $10.00  
Preview: The Blame Game
Preview: Elevator Man
Preview: Adore Him
Preview: The Joy Stealer's Club
Preview: No Pets Allowed
Preview: Paul and Silas
Preview: Hear Ye!
Preview: John's Revelation
Preview: Lenny, the Laodicean Lounge Lizard
Preview: The Woman at the Coke Machine
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