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Uncle Phil's Diner 2: Badger Homecoming 1957

Interactive Dinner Theatre for Outreach

Produced by: Lillenas Drama
Theme: Outreach
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Price: $10.99
About This Product Following the success of the first Uncle Phil's Diner, this sequel provides an outreach event in which your entire church or organization can be involved. Set in a 1950s diner once again, Evergreen High School's Homecoming Banquet has been forced to make a last-minute move from the gym due to the unfortunate flooding caused by a prankster dropping a cherry bomb in the toilet of the boys' locker room. The event has moved to Uncle Phil's Diner-unbeknownest to Uncle Phil who is away at a diner convention.

Try as he may, P.J. the deejay cannot avoid Uncle Phil finding out about the banquet as new characters Principal Krepple and his secretary Gladys spoil the secret. Characters such as "Gertie", "Bunny Sue", and the ever-popular "Wally" return with the cast of this fun-filled sequel. A number of support staff and very simple indoor set is needed.
NOTE! With the purchase of UPD 2's Production Pack, you will receive templates and promotional samples, sheet music for Wally's "Wallflower" song, and more! Set Requirements: This production requires little or even no set to work. You can simply decorate the existing walls of your room, or you can build a small set consisting of a few flats. Set design illustrations and a suggested room layout are included in the script. Cast: 11 male, 8 female, plus extras Performance Time: 2 hours (including the meal) Suggested Use: This interactive dinner theatre is a great way to reach out to your community and bring them into your church for a fun evening of entertainment. Performance Royalty: First Performance: $30.00/Additional Performances: $20.00  
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Sample, Table of Contents (p.7)
Template: Thank You Card
Production Shot: UPD2, Krepple
Sample, Production Notes (pgs. 11-13)
Template: Tickets
Production Shot: UPD2, Gertie & Bunny Sue
Sample, Act 3 (pgs. 58-59)
Template: Menu
Production Shot: Uncle Phil's Diner 2 Band
Template: Welcome Note
Template: Bulletin Insert
Template: Dress Code
Template: Color Poster
Sample: Bulletin Insert
Sample: Thank You Card
Sample: Ticket
Sample: Menu
Sample: Welcome Note
Sample: Dress Code
Sample: Color Poster
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UPS 2 Badger Homecoming 1957 Logos
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