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Youth Enclosed: Handle with Care

Three One-Act Plays for Teens

By: Jerry Cohagan, Jim Custer, Bob Hoose
Produced by: Lillenas Drama
Theme: Teen, Teens, Teenager, or Teenagers
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About This Product Performance Time: Fifth Hour - 45 minutes; Before Class and After - 45 minutes; Just Call Me Mark - 45 minutes Topics: Christian Living, Evangelism, Faith, God's Love, Peer Pressure, Prayer, Praying, or Prayers, Senior High, Teen Drama, Youth Ministry or Youth Ministries Suggested Use: Use for teen outreach, special programs, evangelistic services, retreats, and youth rallies. Performance Royalty: First Performance: $15.00/Additional Performance: $10.00  
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Sample, Fifth Hour (p.09)
Sample, Fifth Hour (p.10)
Sample, Just Call Me Mark (p.48)
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