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Short & Easy Drama for Christmas
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Reality Check

Sketches Focused on Being Real

By: Martha Bolton
Produced by: Lillenas Drama
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Sketch Collection
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About This Product Performance Time: Most are 3 to 10 minutes. Topics: Adultery, Bible Studies or Bible Study, Character, Christian Living, Church Life, Forgiveness, Full Armor of God, Gossip, Helping Others, Humor, Marriage, Mercy, Prayer, Praying, or Prayers, Selfishness, Servanthood, Sin, Sins Suggested Use: Use these insightful sketches for church services, Sunday school, retreats, and whenever you need material that challenges Christians to live more openly. Performance Royalty: Nonroyalty  
Downloadable Products
Sunday Dinner Downloadable Script 10778  $10.00  
If There's Anything We Can Do Downloadable Script 10779  $10.00  
In-Flight Entertainment Downloadable Script 10780  $10.00  
High Fashion Christian Downloadable Script 10781  $10.00  
The Prayer Request Downloadable Script 10782  $10.00  
Only Skin Deep Downloadable Script 10783  $10.00  
The Mission Downloadable Script 10789  $10.00  
The Contract Downloadable Script 10785  $10.00  
Casting Stones Downloadable Script 10786 A comedy sketch about judging others  $10.00  
The Price Downloadable Script 10787  $10.00  
Mirror, Mirror Downloadable Script 10788  $10.00  
Preview: Sunday Dinner
Preview: If There's Anything We Can Do
Preview: In-Flight Entertainment
Preview: High Fashion Christian
Preview: The Prayer Request
Preview: Only Skin Deep
Preview: The Contract
Preview: Casting Stones
Preview: The Price
Preview: Mirror, Mirror
Preview: The Mission
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