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Puppet Programs No. 11

Puppet Sketches from the Book of Acts

By: Doug Smee
Produced by: Lillenas Drama
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Drama Book
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About This Product Topics: Bravery, Discipline, Disciplines, Fear, Fears, God's Will, Miracles, Missionaries, Missionary, Missions, Pentecost or Pentecost Season, Peter the Disciple, Puppets, Puppet, Witnessing Suggested Use: Use these for family audiences at VBS, Sunday School, and in children's services. Performance Royalty: Nonroyalty  
Downloadable Products
The Commission, the Witness, the Bird Downloadable Script 10708 Script for puppet ministry  $10.00  
Salesman of the Year Downloadable Script 10709  $10.00  
It's Not My Fault! Downloadable Script 10710  $10.00  
The Price of Preaching Downloadable Script 10711  $10.00  
The Trial of Your Life Downloadable Script 10712  $10.00  
The Convertible Jew Downloadable Script 10713  $10.00  
Spinach, Lima Beans, Brussels Sprouts Downloadable Script 10714  $10.00  
A Light in the Darkness Downloadable Script 10715  $10.00  
What Is a Missionary? Downloadable Script 10716  $10.00  
I'm Just Doing My Job Downloadable Script 10717  $10.00  
Preview: The Commission, the Witness, the Bird
Preview: It's Not My Fault!
Preview: The Salesman of the Year
Preview: The Price of Preaching
Preview: The Trial of Your Life
Preview: The Convertable Jew
Preview: Spinach, Lima Beans, Brussel Sprouts
Preview: A Light in the Darkness
Preview: What Is a Missionary?
Preview: I'm Just Doing My Job
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