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The Dandelion House and Scenes from Love's Cafe

By: Nan Allen
Produced by: Lillenas Drama
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About This Product Dandelion House and Love's Cafe have proven themselves as audience sensitive scripts: two plays that will strike responsive chords in the hearts of any church audience. Playwright Nan Allen wrote both scripts for special occasions in her church. They are highly performable and will please most any audience. Performance Time: The Dandelion House 60 minutes; Scenes from Love's Cafe 75 minutes Suggested Use: Both of these plays were written for specific church occasions and are appropriate for any church audience. Performance Royalty: First Performance:$15.00/Additional Performances: $10.00  
Sample, The Dandelion House, Act One (p.15)
Sample, The Dandelion House, Act One (p.16)
Smaple, The Dandelion House, Act Two (p.34)
Production Shot: The Dandelion House Set
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The Dandelion House and Scenes from Love's Cafe
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