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Fathers Anonymous

A Sketch Revue

By: Paul McCusker
Produced by: Lillenas Drama
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About This Product With the Christian men's movement as strong as it is, performing groups should consider Father's Anonymous--a two man show that takes the audience from birth to old age. Written as a sketch revue, the work has snappy dialogue, great humor, and a poignancy found in few other such revues. Originally toured by Jim Custer and Bob Hoose, this episodic tour de force runs the gamut from a hysterical view of a new father through "Toys," a heart-breaking reminder of the desperate need elderly parents have for the love of their children. "A sure-fire hit." Set Requirements: Minimal furniture and props make up the set. Cast: 2 male Performance Time: 90 minutes. Topics: Family Living, Father, Fathers, Parent or Parenting Skill: Easy Performance Royalty: As a Revue—First Performance: $30.00/Additional Sketches: $20.00; Individual Sketches—$5.00 each  
Sample, Bedtime (p.15)
Sample, Crisis Hotline 4 (p.29)
Sample, Toys (p.31)
Production Shot, Fathers Anonymous, #1
Production Shot, Fathers Anonymous, #2
Production Shot, Fathers Anonymous, #3
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Fathers Anonymous
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