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Worship Drama Library

The Worship Drama Library, Volume 15

12 Sketches for Enhancing Worship

By: Mike & Colleen Gray
Produced by: Lillenas Drama
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Worship Resource
Price: $19.99
About This Product Performance Time: 5 to 8 minutes in length. Topics: Christmas, Compassion, Confession, Family Living, Father, Fathers, Honesty, Leadership, Materialism, Parables or Parable Suggested Use: Use these sketches on relationships in worship, on retreats, and in small group discussions.  
Downloadable Products
The Gold Watch Downloadable Script 11677  $10.00  
Hats Off Downloadable Script 11678  $10.00  
The Impossible Dream Downloadable Script 11679  $10.00  
At the Heart of It All Downloadable Script 11680  $10.00  
The Counselor's Couch Downloadable Script 11681  $10.00  
A Single Struggle Downloadable Script 11682  $10.00  
The Blame and Shame Game Downloadable Script 11683  $10.00  
Obey or Pay Downloadable Script 11684  $10.00  
Been There, Done That! Downloadable Script 11685  $10.00  
Through Mary's Eyes Downloadable Script 11686  $10.00  
Another Year, Already Here Downloadable Script 11687  $10.00  
The Parable of the Prodigal Son Downloadable Script 11688  $10.00  
Preview: The Gold Watch
Preview: Hats Off
Preview: The Impossible Dream
Preview: At the Heart of It All
Preview: The Counselor's Couch
Preview: A Single Struggle
Preview: The Blame and Shame Game
Preview: Obey or Pay
Preview: Been There Done That
Preview: Through Mary's Eyes
Preview: Another Year Already Here
Preview: The Parable of the Prodigal Son
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