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Mayhem in Mayville

A Whodunit in Two Acts

By: Dean Kephart
Produced by: Lillenas Drama
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About This Product When the lights come up on this two-act whodunit, the audience is aware that skullduggery has been at play--a pair of men's legs are found sticking out from under a table at Connie's Cup 'O Coffee Cafe. From the moment Connie discovers the supposed mayhem, an investigation is under way. At the appearance of Inspector Mildred McBride, all the regulars become suspects. McBride's skill comes into question when she enlists the help of the audience. Clues appear everywhere; even members of the audience become suspects, and a grand pandemonium leads to a surprising climax.

Bring your unchurch friends, your neighbors, have a great evening of laughs with Mayhem in MayvilleSet Requirements: One cafe interior set. Cast: 8 male, 6 female Performance Time: 90 minutes. Topics: Dinner Theatre, Humor, Mystery Suggested Use: Ideal for dinner theatre and schools. Performance Royalty: First Performance: $30.00/Additional Performances: $20.00  
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Sample: Act One (pgs. 13-14)
Sample: Act Two (page 51)
Sample, Program Insert (p. 71)
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Mayhem in Mayville
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