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Developing the Church Drama Ministry

By: Paul M. Miller
Produced by: Lillenas Drama
Theme: Reference
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About This Product Another Lillenas Drama Topics Series title. The question comes up often in workshops, "How do we keep our drama interests going between productions?" The answer can be found in the eight considerations of Miller's handbook: "1st--Recognize the Benefits of Meeting Between Productions"; "2nd--Make Ministry Your Reason for Existence"; "3rd--Take Seriously the Necessity of Preparing a Purpose Statement"; "4th--The Drama Meeting: A Couple of General Thoughts"; "5th--The Drama Meeting: Providing Inspiration"; "6th-The Drama Meeting: Actor Training"; "7th--The Drama Meeting: Script Reading"; "8th--The Drama Meeting: Talking Technical." Included are acting games and warm-ups, scripted worship, and forms to use with your group. Suggested Use: For any drama enthusiast interested in how to start and continue a church drama group.  
Sample: The Drama Meeting (p. 21)
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