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Thanksgiving Program Builder No. 2

Compiled by: Evelyn Stenbock
Produced by: Lillenas Drama
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Program Resource Book
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About This Product Whether you spend Thanksgiving with your church family or whether you spend Thanksgiving with your family at home, the Thanksgiving Program Builder will be a valuable resource. The Thanksgiving Program builder includes recitations, poems, readings, and sketches. Included in this book is the sketch entitled "The Thank You Bug", where a family breaks out of their usual routine of complaining and starts being thankful with a little help from someone special. Compiled by Evelyn Stenbock, this book will be great for anyone trying to perform a simple yet effective and meaningful Thanksgiving celebration.
Permission to make photocopies of program builders is granted when three copies of the same book have been purchased. Topics: Thanksgiving  
Sample, The Best Gift (p. 14)
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