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Module 1.1

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About This Product Module 1 -The God Who Gives Life: Stories of Life and Death and Life from Death

  • Lesson 1: Genesis 1:1-2:1
  • Lesson 2: Genesis 2
  • Lesson 3: Genesis 3
  • Lesson 4: Genesis 6:5-9:17
  • Lesson 5: Genesis 15, 17, 18, and 21
  • Lesson 6: Genesis 44-46 (Background from 37)

This module includes 6 weekly lessons. Each week of Rhythms has these components:a teaching guide that includes a Bible background and context to equip the small group leader with a background study of each week's scripture passage, teaching in four parts to help the leader prepare and teach, a visual symbol for use with the narrative Bible story, two handouts for students that encourage interaction and reflection,a parent communication to send home for ongoing weekly conversation, prayer, and reflection in the home, and a downloadable song MP3 to use during guided prayer.
Rhythms is the MissioLife small-group resource for children. MissioLife is an intentional and formational small-group experience created to guide children, youth, and adults through the story of God --from understanding to participation in the mission of God. It can be purchased either as a full year (6 modules of 6 weeks each) or as individual modules.