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Like a Lamb

Behold the Lamb - The Lamb of God!

Created by: Christopher Machen; Script by: Kimberly Messer; Arranged and Orchestrated by: Camp Kirkland
Produced by: Lillenas Music
Voicing: SATB with narration 
Price: $8.99
About This Product "The Lamb" has been a pervasive theme throughout scripture and in our concept of the ministry and redemptive role of Jesus Christ. The Passover Lamb, the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world, and Revelation's Lamb, worthy of honor and blessing and praise all depict our Savior and His involvement in the redemption of mankind since before the foundation of the world.
  • Built around the theme of Jesus as our sacrificial and glorified Lamb
  • Sixteen great songs including Jesus, What a Savior and Cross for a Crown
  • A narration that expands the theme and connects with the listener
  • Includes testimonies reflecting changed lives and God's salvation
  • Several "pull-out" songs for Lent and Easter season
  • Accessible vocal parts and orchestrations that churches will find comfortably challenging
Hear excerpts before you buy! Scroll down to audio previews. A complete list of song titles is found at Table of Contents. Performance Time: 58 minutes Suggested Use: Easter presentation  
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Sample Page: Part 1 - The Voice
Sample Page: Part 2 - Love Would Cost the Highest Price
Sample Page: Part 2 - The Passover Lamb
Sample Page: Part 3 - Like a Lamb (Led to the Slaughter)
Sample Page: Part 3 - Arms Open Wide
Sample Page: Part 4 - The Cross of Love
Sample Page: Part 4 - You Are My King w/ Lamb of God
Sample Page: Part 5 - The Heart of the Lamb
Sample Page: Part 5 - Cross for a Crown
Sample Page: Part 6 - Jesus, What a Savior
Sample Page: Part 6 - A Lamb Will Lead Us Home
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